Rajby Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd

Tara Imperial (Pvt) Ltd
December 21, 2017
Ihsan and Sons (Pvt) Ltd
December 21, 2017

Scope of work and services:

  1. Complete turkey project for Supply and installation of PE Pipe and fittings for Compressed Air piping.
  2. Fabrication and installation of PE Pipe with wall mounted bracket and supports.
  3. Fabrication and erection of MS Channel supports and Clamps for horizontal pipe clamping for making connections to Looms.
  4. Main Connection from compressor room pipe to loom shed area including butterfly valves and couplings.
  5. Connections with looms from 110mm line to 32mm dia with air jets looms.

Rajby Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd


May 13, 2016


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Project was completed successfully and the client is highly satisfied and happy with our services.